Nordstamp invites you to share the enjoyment of the artworld that we have experienced for three decades. Owners, Tom Andersson and Kajsa Westling are collectors of art for both the passion and the investment. It is with this enthusiasm that Nordstamp offers a range of important works from Impressionist paintings to Contemporary sculptures and Surrealist etchings.

Nordstamp specializes in Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary art as well as important Latin American work. We specialize in providing the highest quality works to gallery dealers and private dealers. The artist we represent have been friends for many years as well as successful and important artists. Matta began working with us nearly 30 years ago as well as such recognized artists as Arman, Sandro Chia and Wilfredo Lam. In addition, Nordstamp features work by Appel, Botero, Chagall, Christo, Clemente, Dubuffet, Edelmann, Hockney, Moore, Oldenburg, Paladino, Papart, Pasmore , St. Phalle, Stella, Vasarely, Warhol and many more.

In 1974, we began publishing with a suite of etchings by Matta. Since that time the response has been very successful and has resulted in more artists. We began our publications with Matta and Lam and over the years have expanded by publishing for Arman, Max Papart, Sandro Chia and Yrjo Edelmann.

Nordstamp has been established in Europe for over 30 years. Because of our experience and lasting friendships in the art world, we have a strong presence in New York and Europe, and are always able to find the highest quality.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you.

Tom and Kajsa

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