The figures of Finnish artist, Timo Solin fill the viewer and environment with energy, life and intrigue. His sculptures are straightforward and secretive representing dancing women, guardian-like females and elusive male figures. These sculptures can be enjoyed where they stand, on a table or in a living room, or outside a public building in Japan, Germany and Sweden. He shears, saws, welds, and paints the material until he creates a genuine expression. Often this expression is a symbol of the dualistic nature in every person, of the Beauty and the Beast, of the Eros and Logos, and of man and woman. He is obsessed with women and his figures are formed with archetypal content: protective mothers, life-giving goddesses, enticing and seductive lovers. His one-man factory housed in an 18th century farm west of Stockholm is the birthplace for his creative energy. Solinís great success comes with his desire to follow no rules and live according to instinct.